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 Christina's Mushian To-Do List

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PostSubject: Christina's Mushian To-Do List   Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:11 am

Mostly to help me keep track of updates I need to make and to make fans/ people who occasionally peek in here out of morbid curiosity aware of future updates/things I plan to do for the comic site and forum.

I love you Musian Comic Site I love you

- Fix Bullet in Mushian 101
- Add Rootamentalism to Mushian 101
- Add Character profiles for Suzume, Makoto, Ernesto, Lucia Eater, Sexton, and Drips to the cast section.
- Add Guest Strip by Red to the fun stuff section.

I love you Mushian Forum I love you

- Get more members... No

- Christina Prince Begging

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Christina's Mushian To-Do List
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